Crispy Greek-style pie

A firm pie that you can adjust for your requirements, include chicken or keep it veggie. A decent safeguard for your collection


1 Put the spinach into an expansive container. Pour over a couple tbsp water, at that point cook until the point that simply shriveled. Tip into a sifter, leave to cool a little, at that point crush out any abundance water and generally slash. Generally cleave the tomatoes and put into a bowl alongside the spinach, feta and eggs. Blend well.

Deliberately unroll the filo cake. Cover with some sodden sheets of kitchen paper to stop it drying out. Take a sheet of baked good and brush generously with a portion of the sundried tomato oil. Wrap oil-side down in a 22cm loosebottomed cake tin with the goal that a portion of the cake hangs over the side. Brush oil on another bit of baked good and place in the tin, only somewhat additionally round. Continue putting the cake pieces in the tin until the point that you have around three layers, at that point spoon over the filling. Maneuver the sides into the center, scrunch up and ensure the filling is secured. Brush with somewhat more oil.

Warmth stove to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Cook the pie for 30 mins until the point when the baked good is fresh and brilliant darker. Expel from the cake tin, cut into wedges and present with plate of mixed greens.

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